Kid Cudi Announces New Single With Eminem

While working on multiple TV series, Kid Cudi is still taking the time to release new music. Fans of the lonely stoner can look forward to a new single dropping this Friday, July 10.

Cudi had his daughter Vada announce the upcoming track, titled “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady,” which will seemingly feature Eminem. “Hi, it’s Vada. I’m here to say that my daddy’s new single, ‘The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady,’ is coming out on Friday. Check it out. Bye,” she said.

Kid Cudi and Eminem have never previously collaborated, although Cudi did mysteriously reach out to Em on Twitter back in May, asking for help. Prior to, Em gave Cudder a shoutout on Bad Meets Evil’s “All I Think About” from 2015.

News of Cudi’s upcoming single comes as HBO just released the trailer for his new HBO series, We Are Who We Are, after he previously previewed his animated show, Kids See Ghosts, with Kanye West.