Jordan Groggs of Injury Reserve Has Passed Away at 32

Rapper Jordan Groggs, also known as Stepa J. Groggs of the Arizona hip-hop trio Injury Reserve, has passed away, as confirmed by the group’s social media accounts on Tuesday. He was 32.

“REST IN POWER Jordan Alexander Groggs a loving father, life partner and friend,” Injury Reserve wrote on Twitter. According to the tribute, Groggs died on Monday, June 29. At this time, no cause of death has been revealed.

Groggs began collaborating with fellow rapper Ritchie with a T sometime around 2012 when Groggs worked at a Vans store that Ritchie’s mother owned. A little later producer Parker Corey came into the fold and helped develop their signature sound. The trio formalized themselves as Injury Reserve in 2013.

Their DIY brand of rap and futuristic sound first drew a local audience and eventually a much wider, dedicated fan base with a series of mixtapes. Injury Reserve made their successful crossover with a self-titled debut album, which dropped last year.

Alongside the announcement of their bandmate’s death, Injury Reserve also shared a GoFundMe page to support Groggs’ family, including his four children.