Female Rapper, Author, And Businesswoman Mz Genesiz Drops “Shook”, “Super Press,” And “CheckMate”

North Philadelphia-based female rapper, author, and businesswoman Mz Genesiz is rapidly becoming one of the new trendy names in Hip-Hop culture. Recently, she released three new tracks, “Shook,” “Super Press,” and “CheckMate,” showcasing her female empowering messages and incredibly inspiring energy in a brand new light. 

Her extensive experience as a hard-working woman running several businesses and writing empowering books give her a unique appeal amongst other rappers, and especially female rappers. She uses her background to change the way rap music is created and perceived, from a lyrical standpoint, getting away from the hyper sexualised forms of rap we are used to hear. Mz Genesiz has announced that she is working on her upcoming album that should be dropping very soon.