Cardi B Teases New Album: 'The Music Coming Sweety'

Cardi B has been busy during quarantine, and one thing she still doesn’t have time for is haters.

Case in point: on Tuesday (June 16), someone tweeted at Cardi with a diss (which has since been deleted) and the rapper returned with the best news her fans could have imagined.

“Why you more thirsty about my music then my fans?,” she wrote. “You must be the biggest fan cause you the first comment on this post… The music coming sweety.”

That was enough to get the flames rising, with another fan excited, “desperate” actually, and anxious to know when, exactly, she is dropping the follow-up to her smash 2018 debut studio album Invasion of Privacy.

“It’s comin,” Cardi wrote. “Its going to hit too!!!”

The rapper also posted a video showing off the giant reworked tattoo on her right hip, to prove that she’s not “editing” her body. And as for the haters who were after Cardi for her “fake ass abs,” the rapper had receipts for that too: “After I gave birth… Still got abs… Don’t play wit me.”

See the tweets below.