DaBaby Drops 'Rockstar' BLM Remix With References to 'Burnin' Cop Cars' and His No. 1 Spot

Even as DaBaby‘s “Rockstar” sits at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the rapper dropped a new “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) remix of the song with Roddy Ricch on Friday (June 12) that makes reference to his ascension to the top of the chart as well as his experience with police in the past.

“Cops wanna pull me over, embarrass me/ Abusin’ power, you never knew me thought I was arrogant/ As a juvenile, police pulled they guns like they scared of me,” DaBaby raps in the new intro to the song over the track’s familiar gently picked acoustic guitar.

With a reference to watching the news and seeing cop cars burning and being called outlaws, the song has been updated to account for the weeks of unrest in all 50 states and across the world following the police-caused death of George Floyd. With the exception of the new first verse the song is generally unchanged in its second half.

Listen to the “BLM” remix of “Rockstar” below.