UMG Executive Steven Victor Pledges $1 Million For New Philanthropic Venture

With selflessness at an all-time high in light of the racial injustice plaguing America, Universal Music Group senior vice president of A&R Steven Victor has pledged $1 million to launch his Victor Victor Foundation.

“The injustices against the black community that persists in our country, fueled by systemic racism and prejudice that lies within the criminal justice system and other institutions, must stop,” he said in a statement to Variety¬†Tuesday (June 9). “No one should be conditioned to cope with the worst of humanity on a daily basis. That’s not what I want for my children or yours. I remain hopeful for the next generation and I am committed to doing my part.

He added: “Today, I announce the Victor Victor Foundation (VVF), the philanthropic division of my company, Victor Victor Worldwide, to continue the fight to effect systematic change, to support economic empowerment for our next generation and to aid in the needs of our community.”

Victor aims to provide “emotional and financial support” to the “next generation of children of color. “For me, mentorship from leaders in this industry has had an immeasurable impact on my career, but access has been hard won. I want to empower the next generation of children of color and give them access to opportunities in business. And more importantly, the know how to exploit and grow those opportunities.”

Victor also donated $25,000 to the Fund for Public Schools “to provide aid to students in Brooklyn to support their education and growth.” This donation will help students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as they will receive basic needs, housing, and educational tools and programs.