Please Don't Tag Black Lives Matter In #BlackoutTuesday Posts

Today the music industry (and beyond) is observing #BlackoutTuesday in response to institutionalized racism and the continued murder of Black civilians at the hands of police.

Today, Instagram is flooded with blackout images that represent alignment with the stance, but before you post: Please don’t confuse the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday with #BlackLivesMatter, because vital information regarding the BLM movement is being drowned out in a sea of blank boxes.

Protesters, reporters, and organizers use the Black Lives Matter hashtag to source crucial information and evidence that helps keep black people protected against police brutality and informed about the ongoing protests across the United States.

Please continued to share BlackOutTuesday posts, but without tagging #BLM, so supporters can acknowledge how Black art and culture sustain the music industry, and how institutionalized racism endangers black lives, without inadvertently silencing the political movement.

Join us in taking a stance against institutionalized racism.

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