Grimes Has Put Her Soul Up for Sale

As part of a new art project, Grimes will be selling a piece of her soul, according to Bloomberg.

The pop star whose real name is Claire Boucher, opens her first-ever art show today, showcasing prints, drawings, photographs and –of course – her soul. The piece is aptly titled Selling Out, and is a legal document made in collaboration with the artist’s lawyers.

Grimes originally planned to sell her soul for $10 million, explaining, “I didn’t want anyone to buy it. So, I said we should make it $10 million and then it probably won’t sell.” However, with the current global Covid-19 pandemic and looming recession, the singer decided it wouldn’t be fair to put something on the market for such a steep asking price. “With the current state of the world, do you want to put something up for $10 million?”

Instead, the piece will be listed for a “best offer,” leaving it up to the public to decide her worth.

The exhibition will be hosted by Gallery Platform Los Angeles from May 28 through to June 3, and at Maccarone Los Angeles from May 28 until August 31.