Kelyes Releases Hypnotic Debut Single Titled ‘Not Around’

American recording artist Kelyes just released her debut single, “Not Around,” a strikingly beautiful song blending with utmost grace electro-hymns with soothing R&B tones, premiere on The Hype Magazine. The single is the fist release off her soon-to-be-released debut EP Kelyes & the Wave. Her music is fluid and centered around the nature of change in life, and her extensive background in film and theatre gives her the extra-power to convey an infinite range of emotions through her hypnotic voice. 

Her vocal deliveries on “Not Around” are flawless, and the heavenly aura that emanates from her one-of-a-kind voice is simply jaw dropping. She blends 90’s R&B, trap, and modern pop in her own original way, inspiring others to create their own lane, and pursue their dreams no matter what obstacles arise on their way. 

KELYES · KELYES – Not Around