Nelly vs. Ludacris Instagram Battle Inspires Hilarious Reactions

Nelly and Ludacris finally delivered the Instagram Live battle fans have been waiting for. And like any epic Verzuz livestream, the event has inspired a slew of hilariously savage reactions and memes.

Last night, the hip-hop superstars went round for round in a battle of hits, revisiting iconic fan-favorite tracks. Nelly and Luda kicked off the event by acknowledging each other’s achievements.

“Your longevity is impeccable, it’s worth commending, you know what I mean?” Nelly told Ludacris. “You bust ass every year to make sure you were coming for the No. 1 spot … It’s my pleasure and it’s an honor today, my brother, to be rocking with you. I’m glad that our rookie class is the best class of our hip-hop era.”

The rappers dug deep into their discographies to play their classic tunes, however, Ludacris also took the opportunity to bless fans with some unreleased music. He first teased a snippet of a track with Timbaland and Lil Wayne titled “Silence of the Lambs.” Then he delivered a catchy new tune featuring Chance the Rapper.

Understandably, fans went into the event with high hopes, but from the get-go the livestream was plagued by repeated connection issues on Nelly’s part caused delays and even lack of audio at times. Even Luda had a few savage comebacks for Nelly’s wifi dilemma, saying “Your Wi-Fi needs some milk.” The issues were so reminiscent of Teddy Riley and Babyface’s failed battle weeks earlier, even Riley chimed into the live commenting a shady “lol.”

In the aftermath of Nelly and Luda’s wifi-plagued battle, fans are taking to social media to roast the boomers. Scroll down to check out some of the most hilarious reactions.

Nelly’s wifi needs to stop playing

Luda was over it

Who won?