Drake Shares His Top Five Rappers "Since Nobody Asked"

Drake took to the comments section earlier this week to let his fans know who his favorite rappers of all time are – although, admittedly, no one asked.

On Thursday, Drizzy commented on a post by the Toronto-based rapper Young Tony (also known as OVO Hush), in which Tony had shared a photo of his early mixtapes. Drake took the opportunity to share his top five rappers.

“My top five is Biggie, Hov, Wayne, Young Tony and 3000 since nobody asked,” Drake wrote.

The information, while unsolicited, will come as no surprise to fans. Drake’s admiration for his top five can be found in his music. The rapper has worked with most of the rappers on the list or name-checked them in songs.

He collaborated with Andre 3000 on his 2011 album Take Care, on the track “The Real Her,” which also notably features Lil Wayne. Weezy has been a mentor for Drake, and they have collaborated on multiple tracks over the years, with a strong friendship outside of music as well.

JAY and the 6 God have also collaborated several times. Back in 2009, the pair linked up on “Off That.” Then, in 2013, they delivered “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.” However, the pair have also traded jabs in the past, leading to frequent speculation a friendly rivalry between the two.

Biggie’s influence on Drake is well documented. Notably, the signature “6” tag on many Drake samples B.I.G.’s “10 Crack Commandments.” As far as Young Tony and Drake’s relationship, Tony is also a longtime friend and member of the OVO crew. Young Tony has also been name-dropped on a few of Drizzy’s tracks as well, such as “Deep Pockets” from Dark Lane Temo Tapes.