From Don Omar to Gabriela, Here Is Every Collab on Bad Bunny's Surprise New Album

‘Las Que No Iban a Salir’ also features Yandel, Nicky Jam, Zion & Lennox and Jhay Cortez.

Bad Bunny’s unexpected Mother’s Day release, Las Que No Iban a Salir — which translates to “the ones that weren’t going to be released” — compiles unfinished tracks that were wrapped up on the fly, many of them with some of reggaetón’s biggest names.

Here is every collaboration on the album, including the grand finale — “En Casita” — which features girlfriend Gabriela and was recorded during the lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Pa’ Romperla” with Don Omar

If there was going to be one mega banger in this set, it makes sense that it would come along with banger king Don Omar. “Pa’ Romperla” is one of those irresistible, reggaetón tracks that are impossible not to dance to. “Que se juntó el rey con el rey,” says Bad Bunny. (Translation: “The king got together with the king.”) Indeed. Thank you for this.

“Más de Una Cita” with Zion & Lennox

Bad Bunny is great at writing breakup/relationship songs. “Más de Una Cita” begins with a totally relatable premise: The girl drops out of sight, including on social media. Now she’s back and the guy has to work hard at getting her back. (“To woo her., you need more than just a date.”) From the melodic intro to the party break, it’s a great combo.

“Canción con Yandel” with Yandel

Don’t be fooled by the mellow, soulful ballad-like music. This is a love song, yes, but a pretty graphic one, its melancholy contrasting with lyrics that tread the verge of raunchy and, at the very last minute, become romantic. Yandel has always been the melodic side of Wisin & Yandel, and that’s what he does here as well, opening the song. But Benito (aka Bad Bunny) can sing too. His deep tenor contrasts with Yandel’s in this song about love and lust.

“Bad Con Nicky” with Nicky Jam

Stay with this track past the two-minute mark to get to the aha moment. The cool but seemingly predictable reggaeton track suddenly morphs into a club tune, the tempo doubling and arrangement punctuated by disco era-like effects. Fun!

“Como Se Siente Remix” with Jhay Cortez

An amped-up version of Cortez’s original love note to his sex goddess becomes a duet with Bad Bunny, which means everything gets taken up a notch.

“En Casita” with Gabriela

If you watched Bad Bunny’s now legendary marathon Instagram session last week (the same session that inspired this album), you saw him with girlfriend Gabriela. Now you get to hear him sing with her, performing this quarantine-inspired trap that, in its Bad Bunny way, exhorts people to stay home.