Lil Wayne Interviews Eminem on Young Money Radio

Eminem was the special guest on the latest instalment of Lil Wayne‘s Young Money show on Apple Music. The hip-hop legends linked up for some “GOAT talk,” and hilariously revealed how they manage to create new music with such large catalogues.

Wayne made the announcement that Em would be joining this episode just hours before going live. The celebrated rappers who have collaborated throughout the years, caught up from quarantine and discussed their mutual competitiveness, their creative processes and what they’ve been listening to.

Em revealed and he’s been spending his days in quarantine “writing and recording.” Weezy admitted he’s been in the studio too and has been listening to new music for inspiration. “I try to listen to the new music and I can get a little buzz and go [in the studio] and kill something, but I still try to go off my regular procedure, and that’s just my natural inspiration.”

So, how do the rap veterans continue writing new bars? “When you’ve made so many songs about everything it gets a little tricky,” Em admitted. Wayne iterated that he creates so much music that he often has to Google his own lyrics and make sure he doesn’t duplicate bars he’s already written. Hilariously, Eminem added that he does the same thing and even pulled the move last night.

You can listen to the full talk below and tune into Young Money Radio here.