Lékan Tella Releases Soulful Debut Single “Emptiness”

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Lékan Tella just released his debut single “Emptiness”. His raw talent and unique ability at revealing his vulnerability and sensitivity are impressive on “Emptiness”. Tella is making a huge artistic statement with this debut release. The song tackles the subject of how vulnerable one finds himself when smitten with love, and the emerging artist has done a spectacular job at translating that very feeling into sound. His vocals are flawless, distilling soft and soulful vibes throughout the entire song, and yet never straining for effect. 

Inspired by R&B, Retro-Funk, and 80’s Pop, Lékan Tella doesn’t see music as a medium to deliver his messages:

“I don’t have a message. I see my music as documenting the full spectrum of what I know to be the human experience. In that spectrum, there is love, depression, joy, happiness, lust, desire, passion, truth, maturity, self-reflection, confusion, doubt, loneliness, unity, wholeness, and many other facets yet to be discovered”. 

His unquestionable gift as an artist is to be enjoyed without moderation on “Emptiness,” a song that will most probably attract him major opportunities this year.