Missy Elliott Fires Up Fans With #CoolOffChallenge: See 12 of the Best Dance Videos

Missy Elliott transformed twerking from a dance move to a communal social-media challenge after dropping her new music video for “Cool Off” last week.

She re-released the song from her 2019 EP Iconology as a single, and reigniting the song fired up fans who took the lyrics “Break a sweat, make ’em lose control, ain’t no AC” into the running theme of her latest viral dance challenge dubbed the #CoolOffChallenge.

“I just want to say I’m AMAZED by y’all ENERGY & DRIVE! I know the #COOLOFFCHALLENGE is a beast but that’s why it’s called CHALLENGE CHALLENGE yourself! & y’all are doing GREAT” she tweeted Tuesday (April 28). “But STRETCH 1st.”

Elliott shared a sizzling choreography video of her two background dancers Draya and MiamiB on Twitter last Thursday, which sparked professional dancer Ahsia Janaé and “Cool Off” choreographer Sean Bankhead to give the #CoolOffChallenge some legs. Below, find 12 of the best dance videos from fans that the icon co-signed with a repost.