French Montana Says He "Ain't Got No Beef With" Young Thug

French Montana is finally addressing his so-called “beef” with Young Thug.

On Saturday, the “Unforgettable” rapper jumped on Instagram Live for Fat Joe’s The JOprah Show and opened up about his recent feud with Thugger, saying it was all “miscommunication” and that with Ramadan going on, he’s trying to stay positive and not start any trouble.

“All I did was stand up for myself at every situation,” he explained, “You’re not gonna come out and call me a fool knowing it’s about something else and had nothing to do with me and Kendrick. It was wack and I hate that it happened like that since it’s Ramadan, it’s my second day fasting. I want to do the positive thing here and stay out the way of trouble ‘cause at the end of the day, me, Thug, and Kendrick is three different artists. I just feel like I want everybody to do their thing. I ain’t got no beef with him. It wasn’t no real beef. It was a miscommunication.”

Last week, French upset fans when he claimed he can go “neck to neck” with Kendrick Lamar. When Thug heard the comments, he too came for French’s neck, insulting the rapper in a lengthy video message, calling him a “fool.” But it looks like French is willing to squash the beef.

Kendrick still hasn’t commented on the situation.