Earl Sweatshirt & Maxo's "Whole World" Single: Listen

Earl Sweatshirt has returned with a new single titled “WHOLE WORLD,” featuring rising LA rapper Maxo and production by The Alchemist.

Maxo appeared in Sweatshirt’s “East” video from his 2019 album, Feet of Clay. “Whole World” and an unreleased track titled “Ghost” will feature on a vinyl edition of the album, which is due out 26 June.

“WHOLE WORLD” sees the Californian rapper revisit his signature brooding, gothic imagery. Lines like “Bones stackin’ like dominoes Catacombs, after the glow, the battle carry on” are delivered over morose, psychedelic beats produced by The Alchemist. The 26-year-old rapper had linked up with The Alchemist before on a 2018 track, dubbed “E Coli.”

Stream “WHOLE WORLD” below.

Last December, Earl spoke at The Geffen Contemporary within the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), joined by his mother— professor, author, and scholar Cheryl Harris— to discuss technology, capitalism, slavery, depression, art, the internet, and whether or not his mother should get an Instagram account. Read what went down here