Meek Mill Threw a Wild Party in Justin Bieber’s “Blender Mansion”

Earlier this month Justin Bieber‘s $10.5 million “Salad Spinner” mansion became the subject of thousands of tweets and memes. Renewed interest in the austere estate has revealed a fascinating chapter in the house’s history — and it’s a wild tale involving Meek Mill, Bieber, a lawsuit, and a very messy Grammys afterparty.

It turns out the “Yummy” singer wasn’t the only celebrity to find charm in the Beverly Hills location. Back in 2015, just months after Bieber vacated the property, Meek Mill temporarily rented the property, under strict instructions from the owner not to host a Grammy’s afterparty — or any parties for that matter.

But of course, he did, and he even invited Bieber. Punches and ice sculptures were thrown, and according to court documents, 994 — yes, nine hundred and ninety-four — guests left smashed furniture and glass, destroyed landscaping, and even broke a trampoline in their wake.

No arrests were made but the landlord filed a $150,000 lawsuit against Meek Mill. And in an unfortunate turn of events, Bieber (along with Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, and Khloe Kardashian) was named as a trespasser in the suit.

According to reports, Bieber filed a response to the suit in September of that year saying that he was invited to the party and that neither he nor the other celebrities named caused any damage to the property.