Travis Scott Concert Rumored to Happen in 'Fortnite' Soon

Gamers are convinced that Travis Scott will virtually perform at an in-game concert in Fortnite soon, following a new batch of leaks, GameRant reports.

New data-mined files suggest the Houston rapper will appear at an in-game, including a cosmetic set, a potential Scott skin and an in-game event codenamed “Jerky.” Gamers also recently discovered that some posters hinting at an upcoming music event have appeared on the Battle Royale island.

The new series of posters on the Fortnite island feature a music symbol on a dark background. It’s unclear what these posters hint at, but hackers claim that decrypted posters reveal Epic Games is planning a Travis Scott concert that will involve “Astroworld” located high in the sky. Players have also noticed something tiny and purple glowing in the game’s sky, which leakers claim is an Astroworld bubble that is slowly descending to the island.

Earlier this year, leaks already suggested that Scott would make an appearance in Fortnite season two. Now it appears the rumors might be true and an in-game concert could be imminent. Keep it here for updates.