DaBaby's New Album 'Blame It On Baby' Drops This Week

DaBaby just surprised fans with the announcement that his upcoming album, Blame It On Baby, is dropping this Friday, April 17.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared the album artwork, which sees him donning a protective face mask in reference to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is his third album in just over a year — Blame It On Baby optimistically follow’s 2019’s wildly successful, Grammy-nominated KIRK.

Along with the cover art, the Charlotte rapper also shared a parody infomercial to his Instagram account. “Have you been in any type of accident at any point in your life and suffered physical or emotional injuries of any kind? If so, you can blame it on baby,” the clip begins. In the skit, several people offer testimonies of unfortunate events that have happened in their lives and place the blame on the North Carolina rapper.

The visual ends confirming an upcoming DaBaby album. “Starting this Friday, when his new album drops, stop stressing and blame it on baby,” the voiceover says, as a snippet of a new song plays. It’s unclear whether with the video and album title DaBaby is making light of his recent legal troubles. Watch it below.

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Aside from the release date, little else is known about the forthcoming album. DaBaby recently dropped the single “Find My Way” and has hinted at a Lil Wayne collaboration in the past. It awaits to be seen whether these will feature on Blame It On Baby.