Watch Chrissy Teigen Rap Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' to an Unsuspecting John Legend

What's with the weird accent?

We already knew she could co-host a lip synching show, model and cook up a mean homemade pizza. But did you know that Chrissy Teigen is also a one-time wannabe rapper who has some very, um, interesting flow?

“A lot of people don’t know this but before this all started I was well on my way to discovering my talent for quickly-spoken words aka ‘rap’ music,” she wrote in a throwback Instagram post in which she raps Eminem‘s iconic “Lose Yourself” into hubby John Legend‘s face while grabbing the singer’s neck and shaking his dome around.

“What was merely a source of entertainment for me growing up became more than just something I could listen to others do. I needed to spit for myself. The first time I got in the studio, my fingers and voice shook like a dog straight out of the bath, a sputtering car engine in a cold winter’s night.”

Legend seems to enjoy the pre-social distancing, literally in-your-face performance of the iconic chorus of the pump-up song, which Teigen jokingly claims she wrote.

“But I knew once I passed that moment of fear, the anxiety would turn into lyrics so poignant and beautiful that the world needed to hear,” Teigen continued. “I used my new gift in every which way I could, sharing the sweet sounds and effortlessness even with a baby growing inside me. It was almost like the baby was lending me it’s small talent for rap as well – I was even better than before.”

Please enjoy Teigen’s rapping below.