Rihanna & Lil Uzi Vert Did the 'Futsal Shuffle' on Instagram Live & Fans Went Wild

Rihanna‘s Fenty fashion line hosted a “Fenty Social Club” Instagram Live on Friday (April 10), which featured sets from Octavian, Kitty Ca$h, Pedro and Stretch Armstrong.

However, the moment of the night came when Lil Uzi Vert hopped on the livestream, blazing up and just straight vibing to his tunes. Halfway through, RiRi herself joined the virtual party from her home, where she was having fun with some friends.

The social media sphere was quick to go into a frenzy, expressing excitement over the high-profile collaboration, and Rihanna’s fun attempt to mirror Uzi’s viral “Futsal Shuffle.” The result was a dance battle that will easily put a smile on your face in these difficult times.

The full livestream is still available on Fenty’s Instagram for the next 24 hours here. See below for some reactions to Uzi and RiRi’s IG crossover.