Usher Proposes Some Bedroom Gymnastics on Sensual 'SexBeat'

Lil Jon and Ludacris are here to help out.

Usher is back, in a big way. The singer dropped the sensual, highly erotic single “SexBeat” on Friday morning (April 10), a NSFW banger on which he re-teams with his “Yeah!” compatriots Lil Jon and Ludacris. Did we mention that this song is very passionate?

After a classy piano interlude opening, Luda and Lil Jon jump on the 808 beat and very quickly make the speakers sweat with a verse that just might have your stereo blushing. “Sex deep, turn it up loud, ’til I blow my speakers/ Got lower than my subwoofers/ Or high as my tweeters/ My diva, eat you up, like you my gourmet chocolate Godiva/ Call FEMA, got her wetter than Hurricane Katrina,” Luda raps over ad libs from Jon and additional lyrics about double-digit orgasms and other bedroom gymnastics.

Usher then glides in for the silky chorus, crooning, “Sex beat, yeah/ Sex beat, ohhh/ Put this on and watch us take it as far as you let me/ Sex beat, yeah/ Sex beat, ohhh/ When we get in that room and the bass go boom/ Something about the way you make me move, move.” You get the picture. Lil Jon teased the two-year-old track last week during an Instagram Live battle with T-Pain.

“SexBeat” follows on the heels of last month’s star-studded visual for Usher’s “Don’t Waste My Time” featuring Ella Mai. The¬†lavish pool party features Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Christian Combs, actors Jamie Kennedy and Evan Ross and many more.

Listen to “SexBeat” below.