Rarri And Lil Xan Impress Audiences With New Track “OMG Its Rarri”

Rarri recently released a major track titled “OMG Its Rarri,” in collaboration with skilled rapper Lil Xan, sharing with his large fan base his latest track. Rarri met success with “Bozoo,” a song created with 6ix9ine, and one that has over 20M views on YouTube. His innate artistic abilities and vivid creativity help Rarri find the trendiest collabs. 

His meticulous approach towards sound and lyrics are impressively displayed all over “OMG Its Rrari,” and Lil Xan’s input proves to also be of extreme value. Lil Xan is best known for his track “Betrayed”, a song that was certified platinum by the RIAA and made it to the number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100. Have a listen for yourself, and enjoy one of the top drops of the year so far!