Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Loses a Tooth During Interview With Ciara

Jimmy Fallon‘s daughters have been stealing the show during his coronavirus quarantine broadcasts. On Tuesday night, for example, six-year-old Winnie interrupted a live interview with Ciara and Russell Wilson in the most adorable way imaginable.

“Daddy! I lost my tooth,” she yelled from behind the camera, before appearing to interrupt the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon segment. Fallon immediately sat his daughter on his lap and instructed her to tell Ciara and Russell what happened. The couple reacted with genuine excitement, congratulating Winnie on her accomplishment.

From there, the six-year-old detailed how her mom, Nancy Juvonen, put a string around her tooth to pull it out. “Hopefully the Tooth Fairy knows that this happened and will be visiting you tonight,” Fallon told her. “I’m so proud of you, buddy.”

During the interview portion of the broadcast, Ciara and Russell dished on what they’re doing to keep the kids busy at home during shelter in place. They also discussed their efforts to aid those affected by the coronavirus.

Press play below to watch Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Ciara and Russell Wilson, essentially for the adorable interruption.