Mykki Blanco Comes Back With a Vengeance on 'Patriarchy Ain't the End of Me'

In the four years since Mykki Blanco released her last album Mykki, fans have only been occasionally treated to new music from the hip-hop star. But now, Blanco is officially back with some brand-new flows for fans.

In a surprise drop on Sunday, Blanco released her new single “Patriarchy Ain’t the End of Me” on SoundCloud. The experimental new track sees Blanco demanding the respect she’s due, as haunting vocals and minimalist production fill the background. “I’mma check him, come correct him, I ain’t got time to play/ Bad bitch, I’m militant, make no mistake, resilient, this lacefront is Brazilian, choppa spray them civilians,” she raps on the track.

In a post on her Instagram, Blanco explained that she actually wrote the song back in 2018 and wanted to show off the kind of experimentation that she and producer FaltyDL have been dabbling with since then. “I’m a theater kid at heart and I wanted to try and tap into that theatrical MGM musical vibe and see what happens,” she said.

Later on Twitter, Blanco teased that this wasn’t the only new music fans could look forward to during their self-quarantine experience. “I’m going to be sharing a lot more new songs with you guys consistently again,” she wrote.

Check out Mykki Blanco’s new song “Patriarchy Ain’t the End of Me” below: