Tank and The Bangas Bring the Sunshine Indoors With Beatles Cover For Billboard Live At-Home: Watch

“Here Comes the Sun” — and Tank and The Bangas — for their warm Billboard Live At-Home performance today (April 1) that raised money for the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, which provides medical care for local performing artists.

Lead vocalist Tarriona “Tank” Ball and synth keyboardist Norman Spence represented their New Orleans-based soul group, as the two added their signature touches to The Beatles‘ 1969 pop hit. The jazzy flare in Ball’s vocals paired with her snapping fingers and Spence’s moody synth keys transposed the feel-good jam for viewers at home, whom Ball knew couldn’t wait to see and freely enjoy the sun one day.

“You’re gonna be able to go outside again. You’re going to be able to see the sun again and play and ride your bike. And who knows, maybe you’ll be brave enough and bold enough to finally find and fly a kite,” she said in a slam poetry-turned-rap interlude.

“Trust me, it’s not all hype. It really does feel wonderful. Trust me, you’re all wonder-filled and you will believe and breathe freely again. This is for everybody that’s sitting at home absolutely lonely, waiting for the world to stop spinning, waiting for everything to start beginning. But things will feel more normal. Trust me, I’m with you.”

Don’t miss her cleverly spinning the use of a Lysol spray into a tri-fold instrument, adding to the lightheartedness of their living room set. Using her keys, Ball tapped on the spray bottle as if it was a tambourine during “Boxes and Squares,” which amusingly and suitably runs down a grocery list, considering the store is one of the only other places besides people’s homes where they can go during quarantine.

For “Interlude (God Push Me),” she sprayed the Lysol in the air as its shrill spritz sounded like a hi-hat drum. But when “Colors Change” came on, the Lysol transitioned into her microphone for the cleaning product’s last leg in the spotless concert.

Watch Tank and the Bangas’ entire Billboard Live At-Home performance below.