Tierra Whack Just Flipped an Alanis Morissette Classic Into a Quarantine Anthem

Isn't it "Ironic" how much we need "Stuck" right now?

Tierra Whack is feeling like a lot of us right now: sick and tired of being cooped up. The rapper known for the bite-sized songs on Whack World¬†shared her feelings with fans over the weekend with the message that “this song is dedicated to everyone on lockdown.”

The song in question, however, was not her, but Alanis Morissette‘s. Well, actually, it was Whack’s COVID-19 cover of Morissette’s famously irony-deficient 1996 bummer anthem “Ironic,” only this time it was filtered through a coronavirus lens to become “Stuck.”

On the acoustic song, Whack sings, “Sick of being stuck in the house/ I wanna go out now/ I wanna get out now/ We should go out now,” over an acoustic guitar.

Losing her mind and dying to see what’s going on outside, Whack is just looking for some love and novelty as she washes her hands and dreaming of fresh air while wearing coke-bottle glasses and an Erykah Badu hoodie that reads, “Hip-Hop is Bigger Than the Government.”

Check out Whack’s video below.