Kanye West Wants to Make $60 Costco Hoodies

In his recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kanye West let us in on his next masterpiece. The prolific rapper and designer revealed he wants to design “the perfect hoodie,” and it will only cost $60.

In his estimation, the hoodie “is arguably the most important piece of apparel of the last decade.” In the interview, Ye lets fans in on his design concept for this supreme sweatshirt.

The piece would be cropped at the waist, with a heaviness comparable to that of a traditional winter coat, and colorways would veer in the direction of “flax or dusty stone.” The YEEZY team’s ultimate goal, he says, is making these hoodies “for the masses” and selling them for an affordable $60.

West also detailed his aspirations to see the perfect hoodie retail at one of America’s renowned warehouse chains. “I like Costco as an idea,” West said. “I like Walmart, too.”

The YEEZY team has been working on the garment with Rochambeau designer Laurence Chandler and American Apparel founder Dov Charney. Apparently a prototype of sorts of the hoodie can be seen on West in the video for the Jesus Is King single “Follow God.

Head over to WSJ Magazine to read Kanye West’s interview in full.