A$AP Rocky & SpaceGhostPurrp Beef: A Brief Explainer

South Florida rapper/producer SpaceGhostPurrp took to Twitter yesterday to take aim at A$AP Rocky, insisting the Harlem rapper lied to him about his sexuality.

“This is the main real reason why ‘EVERYBODY HATES SPACEGHOSTPURRP’ FOR no reason and been bashing my name,” Purrp began, “because I found out his biggest secret and he hot mad because I cut him off for lyin bout his sexuality,” he said of Rocky.

SpaceGhostPurrp then went on to accuse the A$AP Mob frontman of “rubbin a mans ass” at a pool party back in 2011 and then lying about his sexuality. He shared an alleged photo of the incident with the tweet.

“SO IF U WANNA KNOW WHY ‘ASAP ROCKY AND ASAP and EVERY RAPPER’ HATE ME so much it’s because I stopped hangin wit him because he didn’t tell me dat he was homosexual on da low and I felt like he lied bout his life so n order for him 2 keep his secret, he got me black listed in music,” Purrp proclaimed in a followup tweet.

The beef between SpaceGhostPurrp and A$AP Rocky goes back years. It reportedly started in 2012 when Purrp accused Rocky of stealing his lyrics for “Goldie” and biting Raider Klan’s style for A$AP Mob. The two rappers and opposing crews have gone back and forth on numerous occasions since.

Rocky recently spoke about the feud with SpaceGhostPurrp in an interview with Kerwin Frost. While he admitted Purrp did teach him about music production, he denied all claims that the South Florida musician innovated his style.

“I was already blowing up, but once I [blew up], I think that was around the time that [SpaceGhostPurrp] started talking crazy, he went back home and then switched up for no reason,” Rocky said. “On some for no reason shit. And I’ma keep it a buck with you, when he left, everybody was on great terms… Next thing I know drama started and he started telling n***** that I only tried to give him $50,000 to sign him when I gave everyone in A$AP $500,000 to sign them. I’m like, ‘N**** I’m not no major label. I’ma give everyone $500,000?’ Do the math. It’s a little check for everybody to get started up, and what you do with that is on you.”

You can watch A$AP Rocky discussing SpaceGhostPurrp here, and peep the recent tweets by Purrp below. Rocky has yet to respond to any new allegations.