WANKIE Opens Up About Her Journey As Rapper (INTERVIEW)

Louisiana based artist Wankie told us about her journey as a rapper, and upcoming projects. Check it out!

Hello Wankie, welcome to MixTapeMixUp! When did you start singing, rapping?

8 years of age I wrote my very 1st rhyme.

What is the main difference between Hood Chronicles and All Else Fails, and how does it show your evolution in Hip-Hop?

Hood Chronicles talks about the struggles of living life in the hood, while  All Else Fails talks about the mental focus to sustain when all else fails and nothing works in our favor. In All Else Fails, I mostly delivered an inspiring message to those facing poverty, with insight to never give up and work hard towards not giving up to their situation. Both of these albums demonstrate Wankie’s powerful artistic abilities, but also showcase her strength as a human being, and after listening to these two major albums, which is define my evolution of hip hop.

Who would you like to collaborate with one day?

I would like to collaborate one day with Birdman.

Are you currently working on new projects? Please tell us more if you can.

Yes I am working towards a new project and I don’t want to give to much detail on it or away, but im expecting to release a single by early April off the album.

Who is your main inspiration? In and outside of music?

My main inspiration is Ghetto Twins and Birdman in music. Outside of music I give all the praises to the most high for blessing me with life itself.

If new fans are reading this, what would be the one song they should listen to, the one that best represents your work and talent?

If new fans are reading and see this the one song I would say they would need to hear to represent my work is Bagg, because it’s explaining don’t sit around and just wait for nothing and no one. Also try and over come obstacles to reach the level of success which starts with motivation and a bagg “money”.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

In a couple of years I see my self being well off, hopefully. I see myself starting on a book or documentary with a story of my life and/of how to survive in poverty. In a couple of years I see myself going and grinding harder than ever career wise.