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Yann Brassard’s “Overnight” Is A Rare Phenomenon In Music

Sometimes, new releases are so much alike, with the same themes and spirit that you lose your hope to come across something fresh and interesting. Finding good music is rare luck; finding one that breathes fresh air into your life is even more irregular. Especially as 2020 has “gifted” us the Covid pandemic, lots of production studios stopped working. We were left with amateur sounds starting artists creating from their bedrooms, and some tracks dropped here and there by well-known artists who already have managed to bore with the same sound all the time. Canada-based singer-songwriter Yann Brassard brings a new approach and new sound to the scene. 

The artist has already proven his multitalented nature and creativity when being a finalist in Québec’s La Voix 6. His previous releases, “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse,” also indicate his uniqueness. However, with his latest release, “Overnight,” the artist revolutionizes the music industry and his own sound. Besides the drums, all the instruments you will hear in the release are recorded only by Yann’s mouth. The young Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada-based singer-songwriter, shares his vision of 70’s and 80’s disco sound by bringing it back and experimenting with it. The result is a fresh-sounding, spirited disco release that is impossible not to enjoy and adore.