Offset Lost A Six-Carat Diamond While Celebrating Cardi B’s Birthday

Offset spent the weekend celebrating his wife Cardi B’s 28th birthday but woke up lamenting one thing he lost: A six-carat diamond that fell out of his earring at some point during the festivities. Offset posted about the discovery on Sunday afternoon, taking a photo for Instagram to demonstrate the loss. Focusing on the remaining earring post, Offset wrote, “6 karat gone. didn’t even notice till I woke up this morning. #shithurt.”

However, the earring was a small price to pay for the recovery he made — add it onto his tab for a night out in Vegas, a billboard in LA wishing Cardi a happy birthday, and the Rolls-Royce truck he bought her. All told, the bill has seemingly bought his way back into her heart — at least for now — after she reportedly filed for divorce from their three-year marriage. Cardi explained that she wanted to end the relationship because she was tired of arguing, but Offset was clearly undaunted.

It’s the second time Offset narrowly avoided a return to single life and he had better hope the third time is the charm — both times the couple nearly split, Cardi noted that her DMs blew up with suitors shooting their shots. If losing a six-carat gemstone “hurt,” alimony payments might just kill him.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.