Chance The Rapper Explains Why He Turned Down A McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial

In 2019, Chance The Rapper co-starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos alongside the Backstreet Boys. At one point, he was apparently also supposed to be in another ad during the big game by a different food company: McDonald’s. Chance actually says he actually passed on the opportunity, however.

Designer JoeFreshGoods (with whom Chance has collaborated) responded to a tweet about J Balvin’s new McDonald’s menu item, and Chance took the opportunity to reveal a deal gone wrong with McDonald’s. He said he was supposed to be in a McD’s Super Bowl ad, but turned it down because he didn’t like the way negotiations were going. Chance wrote, “I was supposed to do a superbowl commercial with them. They played wit the money and when I said no, they hired a fake me.”

Chance has yet to clarify when these talks took place or what ad features the “fake me,” but it seems possible he’s referring to the McDonald’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial, which features a generic rapper rapping about the Big Mac while backed by a marching band. It’s also worth noting that in January 2014, Chance tweeted at the restaurant, “Let’s talk business.”

Speaking of talks Chance didn’t care for, he was critical of Donald Trump following the first presidential debate recently, writing, “The entire country has to make a decision as to whether it will continue to downplay the fact that our President is an openly racist White Supremacist and what that means for its citizens, or… VOTE HIM OUT.”